Iantha Gantt-Wright is the President and Founder of The Kenian Group Consultants. She has been a successful practice leader for the non-profit, government and private sector clients on issues of diversity and organizational development for more then 20 years.

Before launching The Kenian Group, Iantha served as the Director of Diversity for the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for more then 10 years. Under her leadership, NPCA became the first national conservation organization to address race and diversity in the national parks. Iantha organized and convened three national conferences that broke many relational barriers for people of color and the national parks. As a direct result of the success of this work Iantha launched the National Parks Community Partners Program in six cities around the country. Her work at NPCA catapulted her to a national leader on environmental and social justice issues within the conservation and environmental community.

From 1985-1995, Iantha served as Staff Director and Mid-Atlantic Regional Supervisor for the national environmental organization Clean Water Action (CWA) where she successfully managed grassroots environmental fundraising, public education and, election campaign offices in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, California and Washington D.C.

A short list of her past and current clients include; the National Park Service, National Wildlife Federation, Wilderness Society, Trust for Public Land, Conservation Fund, Land Trust Alliance, The Nature Conservancy’s Environmental Leadership Program, Montgomery County Study Circles Program, The Audubon Society, Association of Partners for Public Lands, Baltimore Office of Sustainability, Center for Diversity and the Environment, and more recently, the Futurework Institute.

Iantha holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from Trinity College in Washington, D.C. She is also a graduate of the Newfield Network’s Coaching for Professional Mastery and Coaching in Business programs. Among her many honors she has received The Department of the Interior’s award for “Stellar Deeds in Advancing Diversity,” “The Partnership Award,” from the Mid-America Multicultural Tourism Association, and “Person of the Year Award,” from Outward Bound Adventures, Inc.

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