Diverse Environmental Leaders (DEL) National Speakers Bureau is an initiative of Earthwise Productions, Inc. (EPI) an environmental company that has been increasing the participation of urban communities in our public lands, waters and environmental conversation since 1995.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, EPI has helped build a bridge for urbanites to the national parks and public lands,
while enabling the conservation sector to develop a real appreciation for the diversity of the American public and their receptivity to the parks message. The company is widely recognized around the country as a leader in the movement to reconnect people and nature, with a message uniquely tuned to diverse cultures.

DEL coalesces the leadership of the network in a “one stop shop” that provides access to the intellectual capital and practical experience developed over multiple decades across the nation.

DEL’s leadership team has close to 80 years combined experience in the conservation and outdoors field, and trusted relationships at every level from local communities to Congress. These relationships represent an unbeatable competitive advantage and a strong foundation upon which to build.

Typical clients for the services offered by DEL will include Federal and State public land management agencies; conservation NGOs, environmental NGOs, concessionaires providing services on public lands for governmental agencies, Colleges and Universities focused on becoming more inclusive in building support for protecting our public land and waters, the environment and people.

Our Mission
The Diverse Environmental Leaders (DEL) National Speakers Bureau represents Rock Stars of Conservation who have climbed Earth’s highest mountains and sailed her Seven Seas; leading authors, artists and scientists; policy, climate, energy and environmental justice experts; urban revitalization strategists; natural resource managers; outdoor recreation leaders and cultural ambassadors. DEL coalesces a wide range of talented and accomplished environmental professionals of color who can help shift the environmental conversation in America to become more inclusive and equitable at all levels.

Audrey Peterman
Co-founder and President of Earthwise Productions is nationally renowned as an author and advocate for our National Park System since stumbling upon the system in 1995. Mrs. Peterman is widely recognized as a leader in efforts to expose the greatest diversity of Americans to these natural, cultural and historic treasures as a means of securing the future of parks and people. She speaks prolifically around the country on the benefits of our public lands and waters, and shares them widely through social media. Her work has been recognized with multiple national honors including the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Environmental Hero Award, 2000 and Black Meeting & Tourism Distinguished Service Award 2013. Mrs. Peterman has served on the boards of in multiple conservation-focused organizations including the National Parks Conservation Association (5 terms) the Association of Partners for Public Lands (2 terms) the National Parks Promotion Council (2 terms) and the Delaware North Parks and Resorts Advisory Board. She is a founding member of community-focused grassroots organizations including South Florida Community Partners and Keeping It Wild, Atlanta. Mrs. Peterman and EPI were the impetus behind the famous conference, “Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great American Outdoors” 2009 which is widely credited as the spark that rekindled a nascent grassroots movement into a thriving entity today.

Frank W. Peterman, Sr.
Frank Peterman, Sr. served as Southeast Regional Director of the Wilderness Society 2003-2010, during which time he managed the office and the campaign to protect wilderness areas. His priorities were to connect the public with the federal lands and serve as a liaison to the Congressional Black Caucus. His innovative approach included the development of the non-profit Keeping It Wild which organized educational and recreational visits to the parks and forests, culminating in an Annual Gala which brought members of Congress together with their constituents in a social setting. The organization was cited “Best New Environmental Program” by Earth Share of Georgia. Mr. Peterman brings years of experience and insight in community organization, environmental concerns, community perceptions, politics, policy, and effective communications.  He worked successfully with Congress and conservation organizations to get National Park Designation for Ocmulgee National Monument, and to protect wilderness areas in the North Georgia Mountains. A lifelong nature lover, he recently completed his semi-autobiographical novel, South Florida Son, centered on his youthful experiences related to the breach of the Everglades ecosystem and the development of the Civil Rights movement. A skilled negotiator, he will manage the Bureau’s business affairs while also serving as a speaker.

Iantha Gantt-Wright
Ms. Gantt-Wright began her environmental career canvassing middle-class neighborhoods on behalf of Clean Water Action in the 1980s, and has been described as “the fulcrum around which the grassroots environmental movement turns.” Ms. Gantt-Wright’s conservation efforts led her to the National Parks Conservation Association where, as Cultural Diversity Director 1995-2005, she organized the pioneering Mosaic In Motion Diversity conferences. From pulling together a core group to help plan and raise funds for the conferences, Ms. Gantt-Wright drew nearly 1500 Americans of African, Asian, European, Hispanic and Native descent; public lands managers and conservation leaders together in San Francisco, Albuquerque and Atlanta to  collaborate on how to make our public lands system more inclusive. The founder of the Kenian Group Diversity Coaching and Consulting, Ms. Gantt-Wright’s skills at developing programs, building partnerships and helping shift organizational culture have helped clients build competence and develop strategic initiatives toward long-term diversity and inclusiveness. Previous and current national clients that give high marks for effectiveness include: the National Park Service; the National Wildlife Federation; the Wilderness Society; the American Hiking Society; the Trust for Public Land; The Conservation Fund; the Land Trust Alliance; The Nature Conservancy; The National Audubon Society; The Association of Partners for Public Lands; the Environmental Leadership Program, and the Center for Diversity and the Environment. Her work has earned recognition including The Department of Interior’s Award for Stellar Deeds in Advancing Diversity; The Partnership Award from the Mid-America Multicultural Tourism Association, and Person of the Year Award from Outward Bound Adventures Inc.

Carolyn Hartfield
As part of the team supporting a nationally –renowned speaker, Carolyn Hartfield is eminently knowledgeable in what it takes to make a Speakers Bureau successful.  Ms. Hartfield will oversee the Bureau’s operations and maintain a clear relationship between the Bureau, speakers and the clients who book them.

A Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Ms. Hartfield owned and operated a chain of health food stores (A’CEE Natural Foods) including a sports nutrition shop and café before turning her attention to America’s Great Outdoors as a source of adventure and reconnection with nature after going on her first hike at age 56. Shortly after that first exposure to the North Georgia mountains outside Atlanta, she began organizing monthly hikes and “Meetup” groups that regularly draw people to explore national, state and local parks and forests. Ms. Hartfield began playing basketball at age 50 and was an Ambassador for the World Senior Games for the State of Georgia, earning gold and silver medals in local and state competitions, the National Senior Olympics and the World Senior Games.  She became certified as a Sierra Club Outings Leader and a National Certified Interpretive Guide, and is also certified in Wilderness First Aid through the National Outdoors Leadership School’s (NOLS) Wilderness Medicine Institute. She is adept at reaching the “baby boomer” market with the message of outdoor exploration and health. She founded Older People with Active Lifestyles (OPALs) which connects baby boomers with each other. She helps to bring diversity to the outdoors by introducing  thousands to fun and fitness outdoor activities that include hiking; camping; spelunking; zip lining; white water rafting; kayaking; canoeing; bicycle riding; horseback riding and many more adventures. She has worked on multiple environmental conservation project and spreads the healthy outdoor message through her blog, Living Life to the Fullest!!!, web sites, online newsletters, media interviews, and other online outlets.  Ms.Hartfield was recently profiled by the Huffington Post’s “50 over 50” in the area of “Risk Takers.”